Float Tubes, Fishing Pontoon Boats, and Inflatable Fishing Boats

Float Tube FishingFloat Tube Fishing – A Combination of Stealth & Mobility

If you want to catch a lot of fish, you need to get to the best spots and not spook the fish when you get there. No need to keep getting skunked from shore and no need to spend thousands of dollars on a fishing boat. Stealth + Mobility + Affordability = Float Tube Fishing. Float tube fishing has become ‘the poor anglers’ secret weapon’. It’s also a unique and immersive outdoor experience. Find out why so many experienced anglers choose to fish from a ‘tube or a ‘toon.

At FloatTubeFishing.com we strive to become as helpful a resource as possible. We’ll show you how to pimp out your craft and provide expert fishing tips. We also plan to sell float tubes, fishing pontoon boats, and float tube accessories from the best manufacturers and are still sourcing our products.