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Float Tube Fishing – A Combination of Stealth & Mobility

We’ve been outfitting float anglers since 1999 and we’re confident we have what you need. If we don’t, then we’ll help you find it, even if it’s a competitor! We may not have the brand recognition of the big boys, but we stay competitive with pricing and offer expertise they don’t. As passionate float tube fishers ourselves, we take pride in being a specialty shop – for specialty anglers.

We have many customers in the US, but we regularly ship products to our Canadian and European customers as well. Just contact us directly for a shipping quote.

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The sport of fishing has been loved by many over the past centuries. You can fish from a shore, you can fish from a dock. You can fish while standing in water. But you can also fish from a float tube kick boat device!

A float tube is a lightweight, single person watercraft that enables you to reach wilderness streams, ponds and lakes, usually where there is no boat access. Each small craft device is lightweight and designed for different waters and anglers in mind.

There are four different types of float tubes: the round float tube, the U or V shaped float tube, the pontoon and the cat. Each device is designed with various things in mind and for different types of water variances. But all of these small water crafts are also designed with solid, durable material and with safety in mind.

The round float tube was the initial design for float tubes and is used in still water only. It’s classic doughnut-shape has all the features of the more expensive tubes, but at a less expensive price. U or V float tubes have an open front that allows easy entry. They also have a lounge chair and positions the angler higher above the water.

The pontoon float tubes are more advanced fishing crafts and provide the ultimate in performance, durability and portability. Pontoons offer quick-turn maneuverability and superior balance. Their seats are positioned higher which offer higher visibility and greater comfort.

They have a solid, hull catamaran design and keep the angler completely out of the water, providing superior balance, complete freedom of movement and increased visibility.

The Float Tube Store offers Prowler, Fish Cat, Trinity, Venture Outdoors, VO Modular, Discovery, PAC, and many others including accessories.

We look forward to doing business with you and offer world wide shipping at competitive prices.

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Doesn’t it feel like the best fishing spots are always ‘over there’? Serious anglers understand the importance of mobility, but don’t want the hassle or expense of a full-fledged fishing boat. Stealth + Mobility + Affordability = Float Tube Fishing. Float tube fishing has become ‘the poor anglers’ secret weapon’. It’s also a unique and immersive outdoor experience. Find out why serious anglers choose to fish from a ‘tube or a ‘toon.

At FloatTubeFishing.com we strive to become as helpful a resource as possible. We carry the top float tubes, belly boats, fishing pontoon boats, fishing paddle boards, and inflatable fishing boats on the market. We’ll show you how to pimp out your craft and provide expert fishing tips. We also have all the float tube and pontoon accessories you’ll need: fins, rod holders, pumps, camera mounts, and more! We offer FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states and our premium watercraft are MADE IN THE USA have an unconditional LIFETIME WARRANTY, which is unmatched in the industry! *Payments processed securely via PayPal and orders fulfilled via Fishbowl.