Bike Paddle Board

Stand up paddle boards (SUPs) have become extremely popular over the past decade. Many people prefer to paddle standing up instead of sitting in a kayak and many new hobbies have been introduced, such as SUP fishing and SUP yoga.

Bike paddle boards are the next evolution in watercraft innovation. It combines the stability of a SUP, but it allows you to paddle and steer hands-free with the pedal and rudder system. These new craft can cruise at decent speeds and allow you to be hands free on the water. No oar needed, though having one as a backup wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Float tube anglers have long held the advantage of being able to fish hands free, but more models of pedal kayaks and water bikes are coming out and leveling the playing field.

Here at FloatAngler, we’re excited to innovate and see what accessories we can create to make life on the water easier for water bikers.  We currently do not carry bike paddle boards, but hope to add them to our inventory very soon.

bike paddle board