Outlaw Escape Float Tube Review

*By TubeDude I started float tube fishing about 1958. I was one of the early pioneers of the sport. I didn’t know it at the time but other anglers around the country were also experimenting with paddling around in an inner tube as a cheap means of pursuing fish from afloat. My first experiences were […]

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Outlaw Escape Float Tube Rod Holders

*By TubeDude Dave Scadden designs and produces great “floatation” craft. However, because it is virtually impossible to anticipate all possible features that buyers may want, his fishing systems are designed largely for fly fishermen. The good news is that these fishing platforms are well-made and they can be easily modified for specific fishing styles. My […]

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Fat Cat vs Super Fat Cat

I have been float tubing since about 1956… one way or another. I made all of my own float tubes until the mid-1970s. That’s when the first commercially made models started hitting the market. Since then I have been on an eternal quest to find the perfect float tube. Still haven’t found it. But I […]

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How To Mount Oars To Your Float Tube

Have a river close by? Float tubes were designed for still-water, as propulsion comes from raw fin power. Going upstream or against the current with fin power alone would be a grueling task for even the most athletic of anglers. I have a river less than a minute away, with the lake 20 minutes away. […]

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First Float Trip Of 2015

I’ve been itchin’ to get out on the water now that it’s been getting warmer. It was a mild winter here in Utah and as a result Spring came much faster, but the lack of snow will hurt us in the long term. One of my favorite spots is ‘trolling’ for catfish on Utah Lake. […]

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Floating Picnic Table

As a tuber you become pretty creative and scrappy. I’ve thought about ways to bring a cooler out on the water, ways to bring my daughter (didn’t work out), and have been brainstorming ways I could bring my dog (a Boxer, probably won’t happen). So why not just have a floating picnic table?

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Channel Catfish Bite While Trolling

Trolling for channel catfish with bait from a float tube gets exciting real quick, but it also brings frustration with it. Sometimes they hit like freight trains and sometimes the hit is so faint to could be a pesky mud-cat. I suppose it all depends on the mood of the cat. I’ve switched back and […]

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Float Tube Fishing For Catfish

While most anglers head towards the trout lakes and Provo river for fly fishing, I prefer going after Channel cats on Utah Lake. With how strong they pull, it’s a lot of fun on a tube. Because most of Utah Lake is a muddy bottom, you can drag bait on the bottom and practically troll, […]

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Catching A Walleye From a Float Tube – On Accident!

Utah Lake is my favorite float tube fishing spots. It has plenty of good sized Channel Catfish, Walleye, and has great sized Largemouth Bass if you know where to fish for them. This as the first tube trip I took my wife on it. She was uneasy and tense for the first 30 min. of […]

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What Kind of Fly Fisher Are You?

As we’re getting settled into spring it’s time to take out the ole’ fly rod and get on some fish. Trout fishing is becoming hot all over the nation and it’s getting better and better for the warm water species. Fishing isn’t what it used to be, there are countless methods and tackle that can […]

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