Why You Need To Try Float Tube Fishing

You’ll Actually Catch Fish There are two types of people in the world: those that like fishing and those that don’t have the patience for it. If you’re the latter, it’s most likely because your Dad would take you fishing at the local pond, but nobody would catch anything. On the other hand, if you’ve […]

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Ice Fishing – “The Great Equalizer”

Winter is the one time of year where shore-fishermen can get to the same spots as ‘tubers and ‘tooners. You can walk out to just about any part of the lake if it’s frozen over. This article talks about why Winter is one of the best times to catch fish. Check out this sweet video of […]

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ODC 420 vs. ODC 420L

So what’s the main difference? Here’s a closer look and great explanation on the main differences between the float tubes:

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What’s it like reeling in a 169 lb catfish from a tube?

If you’ve ever caught a good sized fish on your tube, you know that you can get spun in circles, which is a whole lot of fun. Fishing from a float tube is like hand-to-hand combat, you constantly need to battle for positioning and then eventually net the fish with your free hand. So what would it […]

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How Float Tube Fishing Has Evolved

From the beginning of time, the quest to catch more fish has turned mindless cavemen into sophisticated inventors. Well done sir!     Mama would be so proud!   Finally… an unbeatable fishing system.

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