Catching A Walleye From a Float Tube – On Accident!

Utah Lake is my favorite float tube fishing spots. It has plenty of good sized Channel Catfish, Walleye, and has great sized Largemouth Bass if you know where to fish for them.

This as the first tube trip I took my wife on it. She was uneasy and tense for the first 30 min. of being on the tube, but once she caught her first cat, it was all excitement for her. I usually drag a piece of shrimp on one poll and a dead minnow on another pole, basically trolling. Shrimp can catch cats all day on Utah Lake, but one fish we reeled in totally surprised us:

I had never heard of someone catching  a WALLEYE off shrimp! I’m sure it’s happened, but Walleye are so elusive on that lake – it’s hard to catch them. I’m still seeking my first Walleye and my wife caught one (sort of) on her first trip out. I was completely excited and completely jealous :). Luckily we were able to catch it on video.