Inflatable Pontoon Boats

Fishing Pontoon Boats

Pontoon fishing boats have become more and more popular with fisherman for their affordability, portability, and mobility. With a small body frame and 2 pontoon floats, you can pack your ‘toon into the trunk of most vehicles. Pontoons can be outfitted with rod holders, trolling motors fishing finders, and many more accessories – you can turn them into quite the fishing machine. Fishing pontoons are better suited for flowing water than float tubes, as oar power allows you to row against currents, etc. If you also prefer to not get wet, then a pontoon is for you as well. Hybrid frameless pontoon boats and pontoon fishing tubes have gained in popularity as the give you the best of both worlds. Pontoons boats offer quick-turn maneuverability and superior balance, their seats are positioned higher which offer heightened visibility and greater comfort.