We have all the tools, add-on’s, and accessories needed to pimp out your tube and become a lean mean fishing machine.

  • Float Tube Fins
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Universal Accessories fit most float tube applications.
Type 1 Accessories are for the High & Dri II, Cutthroat, Mustang, Bullet HC, Alpine, Southfork, Bronco Extreme IX & Bronco XI Float Tubes
Type 2 Accessories are for the Proline, High Sierra, Navigator IV, Navigator II , Nevada Gold, and the Nevada.
Type 3 Accessories are for the Round Boat, the U Boat, and the ODC 816.
Cat Accessories are for the Standard Float Cat 60, the Expedition Float Cat 75.
PAC Accessories are for the Fat Cat, Super Fat Cat, Odyssey, PAC 9, PAC 800, PAC 900, PAC 9000, PAC 1000, PAC 1100-HD, PAC 1 200, PAC 1300, PAC1600, Backpacker Lite, FishCat and the FT201PK
River Accessories are for the Hunter Fisher, Deluxe River Runner, Super Deluxe River Tamer, and Lake

Outcast Accessories
CastMate Accessories
Venture Outdoors Accessories
Caddis Accessories