Fish attractants

Fish Attractants

Anglers who fish primarily with lures sometimes like to “sweeten” their offerings with a bit of fish attractant.  Bait fishermen also like to add extra scent to real bait once in awhile.  The scent and attractant market is a big one.  There are a lot of different formulations and a lot of different sizes and types of containers.  Most of them are small enough to tuck easily into a vest pocket, chest pouch or one of the pockets provided on your tube or toon.  Since most of these concoctions are liquid or gels they can drip or rub off onto you, your clothes or your craft’s cover.  And, since most of them are more appealing to fish than to fishermen you should take measures to reduce the problem of getting that stuff on anything besides your bait or lures.  This can include keeping them upright inside a small separate container or inside a sealable plastic bag when not in use.  Then, you should hold your bait or lure out over the water when anointing with the super juice to reduce “fallout”.

fish attractants

Scents and attractants are sometimes the key to getting fish to hit a lure…or washed out baits.

Some tubes have small drink pockets at the front of storage pockets.  These are ideal for holding attractant containers upright for quick access.