What Kind of Fly Fisher Are You?

Fly Fishing

As we’re getting settled into spring it’s time to take out the ole’ fly rod and get on some fish. Trout fishing is becoming hot all over the nation and it’s getting better and better for the warm water species. Fishing isn’t what it used to be, there are countless methods and tackle that can be used to catch fish. So what’s your weapon of choice? What fits you best? Let’s look at the various ways to fly fish.

Shore Fishing

This is perhaps the most popular fly fishing method, as well as the most affordable. When fishing from shore, you make your way along the bank to different ‘holes, which fishes often congregate. This usually requires fishing waders of some kind, so that you can wade out into the river/lake and cast further. If you’re just getting into fly fishing, then fishing from shore is the best way to go.

Float Tube Fishing

Fishing from a float tube allows you to cover water in a lake or pond, but is not recommended for rivers or any kind of flowing bodies of water. Being powered by fins, you couldn’t maintain control of your craft in a river. Float tubes and fishing pontoons have become extremely popular with fly fishermen as they give you the advantage of stealth and mobility on a lake and are quite affordable. It’s also relatively easy to maintain balance and cast.

Raft Fishing

Fishing from a raft is the method of choice for fishing guides on the Blackfoot River in Montana, a popular fly fishing destination. This is the same river showcased in the classic move ‘A River Runs Through It’. Because rafts are oar-powered, it’s easier to navigate mild rapids and float from hole to hole. Depending on the raft structure, balance can be a little more difficult.

Boat Fishing

Having a boat allows you to cover as much water as needed and find where the fish are. You could cover an entire lake or a whole stretch of river if you wanted. You have a clear advantage in mobility, but suffer in stealth, as the motor may spook certain fish. With fly fishing being more of a stealth method, this can be quite a disadvantage. A variation of fishing from a boat is ‘drift-boat’ fishing, where you simply drift down a river in a rowboat and fish different holes along the way. This allows you to still benefit from stealth, but requires experience to pull off.

As you can see, there are many ways to fish and each method works. Whether you plan to hit up the local pond or visit a fly fishing resort, consider your options and what fits the situation best.

Best of luck this season!