Why You Need To Try Float Tube Fishing

Float Tube Fishing

You’ll Actually Catch Fish

There are two types of people in the world: those that like fishing and those that don’t have the patience for it. If you’re the latter, it’s most likely because your Dad would take you fishing at the local pond, but nobody would catch anything. On the other hand, if you’ve felt the excitement of a fish tugging on your line, then you get hooked for life. I personally know fishermen in Eastern Washington that will go an entire season without catching a single Salmon, but keep coming back because the thrill of catching ‘just one’ makes it all worth it.

The secret to fishing is going to where the fish are, as opposed to waiting for them to come to you. If you’re fishing from shore, you’re basically hoping a fish comes along and finds your bait or lure. You need to be able to cover ground without spooking the fish (boat motor). This is why float tube fishing is the choice of experienced anglers – and anyone that’s serious about catching fish.

Take the word of Pat Scouten, who has been float tube fishing for 30+ years and has fished all over the United States, both freshwater and saltwater. He’s known as “TubeDude” on fishing websites and has helped many anglers outfit their tubes. He prefers a float tube to other fishing craft choices because of the ability to be hands free, the mobility, and the stealth that comes from a float tube.

Mobility and Stealth

Fishing from a float tube allows you to float wherever you need, using scuba-like fins for propulsion. If you don’t care for the leg work-out, then you can outfit your tube with oars or even mini-boat motors. Mobility is extremely important if you want to catch a lot of fish, because the odds are not in your favor waiting for the fish to come to you. Experienced anglers understand that fishing is actually more like hunting, actively seeking out your prey.

Fishing from an actual fishing boat would allow you to cover lots of ground quickly, but you can also spook a whole lot of fish with that loud motor. Fish have a keen sense of vibration and will avoid anything that feels unnatural. Many fly fishermen prefer float tubes because fly fishing is all about finesse and stealth, making them the perfect craft.

The Excitement of Hand-to-Hand Combat with Fish

One of the best parts of fishing from a float tube is getting pulled around and spun in circles by large fish. You’re practically in hand-to-hand combat as you battle for position in the water. Don’t believe me? Take the word of Gerard Smyth, who nearly got pulled underwater by a 169lb. catfish. Yup, the story absolutely went viral.

Once we all get through winter, the tug of the outdoors is upon us. If you’re looking for a great way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and catch some fish, then it’s time to start float tube fishing. You might actually catch something this time.