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If you are bringing “sensitive” bait or food on board that must be kept cool you will need an insulated container and ice or frozen gel to keep it chilled. Pontoon cargo decks are usually ample
for holding small coolers. Some float tubes have small areas behind the seat where coolers can be stowed. And, as mentioned in the paragraphs on bait storage you can fashion a floating “tag along”
cooler to attach to your craft if you don’t have room for one on board. Whenever you have a group of tubers or tooners fishing in the same general area you can rig a “community cooler”. Simply stuff a cooler inside a spare float tube or plain inner tube. Fill the cooler with ice and goodies and tow it out to a suitable area. Anchor it where it will be accessible by all. Write names on personal food or drink items if necessary. Anybody can cruise up and get into the cooler whenever they desire. Just watch out for “poachers” from outside your group.

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