FloatCaddy (old)

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The FloatCaddy is crafted in the US using premium glossy PVC material, which is also manufactured in the US.


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It can be mounted on top of your float tube bladder, on the side, and can be switched to either side. We’re always in the workshop making new accessory mounts, but currently, we have the following mounts available:

  • Spinning/Baitcaster Rod Holders
  • Fly Rod Holders
  • Fish Finder/Transducer Mount
  • Camera Mount

The FloatCaddy is perfect for float anglers that:

  • Want a brand new all-in-one mounting solution with multiple accessory options
  • Are the DIY type and want accessories for their existing utility/plumbing PVC rod rack (1″ compatible)
  • Want a system compatible with, Scotty, Brocraft, and RAM Mounts

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 66.04 x 35.56 x 7.62 cm