The Growth Of Kayak Fishing Accessories

If you don’t fish from a ‘yak, then it’s likely you know an angler that does. Kayak fishing has had phenomenal  growth in the past decade and it’s become more of an identity than a style of fishing. Kayak anglers are an obsessed and innovative bunch when it comes to pimping out their crafts. There are a lot of options when attaching things to the hull of your kayak or DIY projects. Now, there are also many accessory options available to the kayak fisherman. As the niche has grown, many manufacturers have entered the market to offer a plethora of solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular accessories.

Rod Holders

Kayakers fish all kinds of bodies of water and there are rod holders for all of these types of fishing: freshwater, off-shore, in-shore, bass fishing, and fly fishing. Fly fishing rods and baitcast rods (for bass fishing) require entirely different rod holders For off-shore saltwater fishing, heavy tackle is required for the large fish to be caught. If light tackle rod holders were to be used, a Goliath Grouper could yank that attachment down to the depths of the sea easily, possibly even capsizing the kayak. There are rod holders for all the these situations and you need the right tool for the job.

Camera Mounts

A big part of kayak fishing’s growth has been kayak YouTube content creators – vlogging and documenting their adventures. Some popular channels are Zoffinger and Robert Feld. Thousands of yakkers tune in to follow the adventures of these creators  


If you’re using the more popular paddle kayaks, instead of pedal kayaks, then an anchor is your best chance of holding position in the water hands free. Fighting a fish while constantly grabbing your paddle to hold or change position is quite the hassle. An anchor that’s easily deployable can go a long ways.


There are countless other accessories available on the market:

  • Stabilizers
  • Smartphone holders
  • Fish finder mounts
  • Storage crates
  • And many more!

Find the solutions you need and enjoy the conveniences and fun that come with pimping out your kayak!