Top 5 Bass Fishing Destinations in the US

largemouth bass

The lure of bass fishing has many an angler hooked. Who can resist the thrill of catching that big one? But some locations offer better bass fishing than others, and your choice of location may have more influence on your luck than your skill. So, before you pack your best spinning reels for bass and hit the road, you might want to do a little planning. Keep these destinations on your radar – you’re likely to end up talking about the big ones you caught rather than the ones that got away!

1. St Lawrence River, NY

The results of bass fishing tournaments held in the St Lawrence River prove that this destination is the ideal choice for those who enjoy catching fish as much as they enjoy relaxing while they wait for a bite. Bass fishing aficionados laud the Thousand Islands area as a spot where they catch more big ones than they will just about anywhere else in the US. This one is a must for your bass fishing bucket list.

2. Lake Guntersville, AL

If the Northern states are too far from your location than you’d like, consider heading South East for a lake that some reviewers would rate as offering the best bass fishing in the country. It’s so popular that there were concerns about overfishing at one point, but word is that the fish population has recovered in recent times. Who knows? Maybe this year or the next, we’ll see this Lake recovering it’s ranking as the number one bass fishing spot in the US!

3. Sam Rayburn Reservoir TX

Is everything bigger and better in Texas? When it comes to bass fishing, that may be true. This large dam offers a beautiful environment to enjoy while you wait for the fish to bite, and when they do, it will usually be largemouth bass that take the bait. This reservoir offers year-round bass fishing success and is a must-visit for bass fishing enthusiasts.

4. Clear Lake, CALIF

This natural lake is absolutely beautiful and would be worth visiting even if you weren’t already into bass fishing. It’s believed to be the oldest natural lake in the US. Regretfully, mercury leaching from a now-closed Sulphur mine polluted the waters, and health authorities recommend moderation in eating the fish you catch there. However, millions of dollars have been spent on combating pollution, and the waters are considered safe for recreation while eating the fish won’t cause any problems unless you’re pregnant or eat bass more than once a week. How’s the catch? Absolutely fantastic!

5. Lake Fork, TX

Although it’s a reservoir rather than a natural lake, Lake Fork looks so natural that you’d hardly expect it to be a manmade construct. The bass caught here are absolutely legendary, and if the rest of your family aren’t into fishing, they’ll find their share of rural activities to keep them relaxed while you go after that record-breaking catch. Feeling competitive? As with the destinations listed above, Lake Fork hosts plenty of fishing tourneys for you to prove your fishing prowess.

See You There!

Apart from offering the best bass fishing in the US, these 5 locations offer plenty of other activities for those eager to enjoy a break away from the city. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go bass fishing. See you there!