What’s it like reeling in a 169 lb catfish from a tube?

If you’ve ever caught a good sized fish on your tube, you know that you can get spun in circles, which is a whole lot of fun. Fishing from a float tube is like hand-to-hand combat, you constantly need to battle for positioning and then eventually net the fish with your free hand. So what would it be like reeling in a 169 lb. Wels Catfish? Well this Irish ‘tuber, Gerard Smyth, just about got pulled under when he hooked onto the monster.

Catching monster catfish on float tube

See what he has to say about it:

“Let’s just say with a big smile—and still in shock from the most explosive experience I have ever had fishing—fantastic words can’t explain what was going through my head and the words would probably be unprintable, but I have done it and, to be honest, look forward to doing it again,” Smyth said.

“Without a doubt it was the most exhilarating and hardest but enjoyable experience I have ever had in my fishing career.”

monster wels catfish

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*photos a courtesy of grindtv.com